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23/04 Sun Concert 
SAD BOYS CLUB (UK) + Guests (tba) London alt rock band SAD BOYS CLUB share new single...




Doors 19:00
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SAD BOYS CLUB (UK) + Guests (tba)

London alt rock band SAD BOYS CLUB share new single „Delicious“ (February 22nd 2023) taken from their upcoming debut album „Lullabies From The Lightning Tree“ due for release on 5th May via Modern Sky. The band will tour the UK/EU extensively in support of the album, full dates below.

Dark, mysterious and brooding, Sad Boys Club are set to have their breakout year. Newly announced album „Lullabies From The Lightning Tree“ builds upon their previous string of EP releases that have seen them co-signed by the likes of Fred Macpherson, Matty Healy, Phoebe Bridgers and more.

„Delicious“, the second single from their debut album (following the release of „To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste of a Good Wound)“ last month), is a swaggering cut of alternative rock. Confident in their sound, Sad Boys Club turn everything up: from the irresistible guitar riffs; explosive choruses and Wheldon flexing his lyrical muscles, „Delicious“ is the sound of a band truly in its ascendancy.

Speaking on the album – Wheldon says: “It’s almost like a little bit of a coming of age record, it’s just 10 years later than it’s supposed to happen. It’s just for your late twenties and realising the ephemerality of all of that stuff, at this age we’ve all had relationships that haven’t worked out that we thought would last forever, we’ve all loved bands that we thought we were gonna love forever, we’ve all seen beauty in different ways.”

The record at face value takes the general motifs of a classic debut alternative rock album, but presents their ideas from a more understanding and overtly mature perspective. „Delicious“, hits the beats of a traditional break-up song, but is backed by lyrics that challenge both sides of the perspective of the band, showing Wheldon’s growth and development as a songwriter. “If you compare it to ‘Know’ [one of the band’s earliest and most popular singles, also about the end of a relationship], which I wrote when I was sixteen, that was like: ‘death is coming, the apocalypse is near!!’“

The story of Sad Boys Club is one of yearning, the feeling of reaching, but never quite touching. The constant ebb and flow of euphoric success and seemingly inescapable set-backs. Debut album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree not only marks a journey of four friends, but a generational rallying cry for self acceptance and love for those lost in the quagmire of their mid-to late twenties.

As Milan Kundera writes in his 1984 classic ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’: “Anyone whose goal is ’something higher‘ must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves.” Kundera’s comical scepticism of life is an ever present theme for Sad Boys Club on their debut outing.

Combining The Cure’s penchant for emotionally vulnerable rock anthems, The 1975’s lyrical aptitude and driving guitar based sound of Death Cab for Cutie, Sad Boys Club have cut their teeth on the live circuit for a number of years, supporting Spector, Swim Deep, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Slow Readers Club to name but a few. Their live shows are dynamic, dramatic, and with a wealth of new music to play for the first time, they’re set to be one the UK’s „must see“ live shows from a break-out group.

For their previous releases, Sad Boys Club have garnered support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, The Independent, CLASH Magazine, Dork Magazine, The Rodeo, Gigwise, The Line Of Best Fit, Whynow and more.

Sad Boys Club are: Jacob Wheldon (vocals), Pedro Caetano (bass), Chris Holmes (guitar), Tom MacColl (drums).

Sad Boys Club’s debut album „Lullabies From The Lightning Tree“ is out 5th May via Modern Sky. New single „Delicious“ is out now. Sad Boys Club embark on tours of the UK and Europe in the spring.


Mit einer Mischung aus Psychedelic Rock, Trip-Hop und Desert-Blues verschmelzen ATOMIC FRUIT die Grenzen zwischen Rock und elektronischer Musik. Geprägt von schwermütigen Harmonien und suggestiven Texten, ist ihre Musik ein luzider Traum aus experimentellen Atmosphären und saftigen Riffs, die sich zu hypnotischen Grooves entwickeln. Mach dich bereit, in einen Vortex aus verschiedenen Klangwelten und transzendentalen Eindrücken einzutauchen. Das Debütalbum der Berliner Band – aufgenommen in den Hansa-Studios – wird voraussichtlich im Sommer 2023 erscheinen.

Mit ihrem eklektischen Sound und ihrer energiegeladenen Bühnenpräsenz sind Atomic Fruit auf jeder Bühne zu Hause. Ihre Auftritte bei Festivals wie der Fête de la Musique (Berlin) und Locations wie KAOS, Schokoladen und Donau115 (Berlin) wurden vom Publikum begeistert aufgenommen.


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